Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 ~ New Beginnings

I feel like it's time I come clean.
I am horrible at keeping up with this blog.
{but you guys already knew that}
I'm not here to have a pitty-party or anything but to be fair we have had A LOT going on this year.
Everything has just been one hit after the next.
We've experienced two deaths of fellow friends that has hit us hard, along with that,
my husband has been dealing with medical issues.
In his right hand two of his fingers just decided to go completely numb and he has lost a majority of his strength in them.
So add that all into the mix of the every day highs and low of marine corp life, work, school, ya know, the whole shebang  && you get a very very tired Jordyn haha.
{p.s. I have been sick non stop, this weather needs to make up its mind!!}
Blogging has just been low on my priorities lately.
SO, There is my long over due apology, I'm sorry!
But I promise, things have calmed down {I hope at least} 
Sooooo, I'm back.
Because I'm determined that 2013 will be a way better year!

&& with that being said.

I have a project to show you!

A few months ago I picked up this amazingly old antique dresser.
It was in pretty bad shape,
even though the girl before me had put a lot of time into stripping the old paint down, it had a lot more of work to go.
After days of sanding {seriously} a bottle of mineral spirit, this baby was ready to paint.
I have NEVER experienced paint like that before, it just would.not.come.off.
layers upon layers upon layers of bubbling paint.
it was a nightmare.


I love love love this style of dressers.
they are my absolute favorite.

You have no idea how long it took to get all these layers off.
But with an antique like this, it REALLY needed it.
The paint had bubbled and cracked all over.
And not a "pretty" bubble crack either.

As you can see, there was lots and lots of paint, it would not budge.
I let mineral spirit sit on this for a few hours,
then I sanded, and sanded, and sanded,
&& gave up when it felt smooth haha.


I have a lot of white & grey furniture in my house downstairs,
so for this piece I really wanted to bring everything together.
I thought the white & dark walnut would make the dresser match better against my dining room table

Both this dresser//buffet && my table are antiques.
Making them the same color made it feel like these were apart of a set.

As you can see, I have yet to find the perfect hardware for this baby.
It is a lot harder then it seems to find something that looks just right,
& 8 of them in fact haha.

I am SO in love with how this turned out {surprise surprise, ;)}
It feels like it just belonged here.

Plus I love the contrast of the dark wood with the bright white.
{paint color is white dove by valspar}
The bright white looks so good next to my vintage silver accents, so it's a win win.

and it's not complete without a little chippy owl in the mix! 
Remember that bottle candle holder I found while thrifting??
Well it's mate didn't last through my plane ride back home,
ever since I have been moving him around until it found the perfect home, right there on my buffet :)

I love the old key wholes on this piece, the gold also tied in the eclectic mix of finishes I have downstairs in my house; oil rub bronze, silver & gold.

And what's a buffet without fresh greenery && a yummy candle??
{calvin klein bitter sweet vine. he seriously makes the best candles ever}

So what do you think? I'm completely smitten with this old beauty.
By the way, did you see that my blog got a little re vamp?
I thought it was fitting, new fresh start to 2013 for my blog.
Also don't forget to check out my Facebook as well! I will be updating a few things around here on both the blog & Facebook page. Tutorials, Home Tour, Projects. ect. So keep your eye out!

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