Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Recent Finds!

Do you ever have those days where you just want to go thrifting? Just for the thrill of it? Well my mom and I get that way A LOT when we are together. Since she had a three day weekend like most people for New Years we spent her Monday off going to multiple Goodwills & Value Villages. It was So much fun and we found plenty of neat stuff for amazing prices.

I'm a sucker for anything old looking, I couldn't pass up these books, especially Jane Eyre & Withering Heights. And look at the color of those books! I know books right? But they are a great decorative accent on any table or book shelf! I scored each one of these for 2.99, then I got a 5th one free, but that one isn't pictured.

Right when I saw this beauty I knew it would look adorable on my coffee table with those books and a cute candle! You can't tell much in this picture but it has this vintage pattern on the tray that had me at hello!

And wait for this one.
okay fine,

I found matching coasters for my silver tray at a different Value Village!!! This picture captures the detail better, which is the same as on the tray. I was literally amazed I found this, who would have thought!
The tray was 4.99 & the coasters were 6.99. I was still a happy camper.


Another great find of the day were these candle holders, you can never have enough candles in my book, I fell in love with these three, the two silver ones have more detail than the glass one but i like the eclecticisness of them.

Here is a close up of them, the two silver ones need to be cleaned with some silver cleaner but I like that they look aged. I got all three of these for 2.99 a piece!

Now for my favorite find of the day.

Aren't these the coolest?! The glass has a green tint to them, and the bottoms come out so you can put tea light candles in them! Can't you just imagine how amazing they will look lit up?!

I couldn't get over these, my mom wanted them but I saw them first, they were that cool. 
I can just picture these on my new deck that my dad is planning on building for our backyard.

Now my mom thought I was funny for being so excited about these old bottles.
I've seen them before and I've always liked the shape of them and the year 1862 dated on them.
I thought they would be perfect vases for some flowers.

Well that concludes my finds for my trip in Washington, well, household wise. I scored amazing deals on some clothes since I've been back. I'm a sucker for thrift shopping. But then again who isn't. Why pay more for less? Anyways, I hope you all had amazing holidays! I can't wait to be back and in the swing of things in NC. I will be enjoying my last few days in Washington with the family. If any of you need any furniture redone or anything that I may be of help with, either email or message me here.