Monday, September 24, 2012

September BirchBox

I am Falling in Love all over again!
Birchbox style ;)
Every month I love this beauty subscription more & more.
I have found some amazing products in the past year from Birchbox.
If you don't already know what Birchbox is  I talk about what Birchbox is, how to sign up && the whole nitty gritty in this post HERE.

This months Birch Box was just as amazing as the rest.
I was currently wearing one of my new Birchbox finds when I took this so my new twist band hair tie isn't pictured.
I loved that they sent a fall "look book" that listed all the fall beauty essentials. 
It was a great way to show the new products and it made me conscious of what products I need to restock on ;)

This month I got a ton of great fall staples:
Twist Band - Lace up for Fall : I got the cute salmon colored lace band.
BVLGARI Mon Jasmine Perfume : This stuff smells amazing!
The past two times I have gotten a perfume sample of BVLGARI's perfumes I have used them rather than my normal perfume. I'll probably be purchasing either of them in the near future.
WEI to go Sleep Over Kit: This had me smitten after one use.
This cleanser is perfect for washing your face at night or in the mornings, & the perfect finish is so neat.
Its a  "lightweight formula part of a new breed of products called CC Creams, or Color Control Creams" Birchbox says it best. But it works so well! I usually wear it as is without any foundation over it. I will definitely be purchasing this too!
Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Reguvenator: I was actually more partial to this face cleanser than the WEI to go one, I loved the smell of this stuff & it worked really good!
The first week I used it I actually broke out {which if you know me, that is very rare, I'm one of those freak of nature people who rarely get a zit} but I noticed a HUGE change in my skin once it started clearing back up. It was glowing more & it just looked a lot more healthy. I highly recommend this stuff. It is the beez knees.

BirchBox and Color Club - Custom Collection:  Pictured Above to show a better picture of the color ^
As I'm typing this post I'm currently wearing this nail polish.
This color is such a gem! It is the perfect metallic shade with a hint of neutral color.
Another great fall staple.
Brush Guard Variety Pack: Each month BirchBox gives out what I like to call a "box prize".
One time it was headphones, another time it was tea, & this time it is brush guards.
Not much to say here haha.

Overall this was a great Fall Staple Beauty Box.
You got everything really, nail polish, perfume, foundation/concealer, && face cleaner.
I really have no complaints, and once again, Birch Box has gotten me hooked on some new products.

Have you tried Birch Box yet? If not Sign up Here.
Do you have any great beauty products that you are smitten over?! I would love to hear about it if you do!
If you have any questions feel free to email me!
I love hearing from you all!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


I can finally say that I have made a lot of progress in our master bedroom.
Why is the bedroom always the last place to be done?
There are still a few things missing that I can't wait to share with you all eventually,
but I thought it would be fun to show what we've been up too lately.

If you don't remember, here is a glimpse of what our room looked like when we initially moved in,

Pretty brutal huh? This was pre paint, pre furniture shopping, and basically pre everything.
This was my "I'm sick of un-packing, this will just have to do" phase.

But it didn't stay that way for long.
we painted it light grey,
then my husband had a great idea to putty all the "nail holes" through out our house && went putty crazy in our room.
& of course it was the only room I didn't remember what color, what brand or remotely anything in terms of knowing the paint color.
So I decided hey, lets try something new!

Insert Valspar's Spring Line.
I tried to paint it a light blue,
but once it was on the walls I wanted to crawl back into my grey cave.
Our tan carpet + light blue, = beach.
I'm all for the beach, But I don't want to live in it.
So I went back to my most favorite paint color ever {thanks Brittney}
City Smoke Stack by Color Place.
&& I am so glad I took the plunge.
Our room gets a TON of natural light so painting it such a dark color wasn't a concern for us.


So I'm going to try & make this as easy as possible to visualize,
I don't have a wide angle lens yet so It was hard to take pictures of our room without it looking weird so bare with me here haha! I feel it would be easier to share by highlighting the different "spaces" in the room.

You might remember this dresser from when I first refinished it awhile back.
It was an oak wood, But Im not a big fan of the orange look of oak.
So I decided to paint it white.
But then I was in a stage of "white over kill" sooo I painted it a light shade of grey to mix things up.

I always think its fun to see how people "accessorize" or "decorate" their nightstands/side tables & dressers in spaces.
When it came to our dresser I needed storage for my jewelry but I also wanted to add a few picture frames. { I seriously have a picture frame hoarding habit..}

I have a ton of jewelry {what you are seeing isnt even close to how much I have}
So I wanted to keep them in an easy access place but not make it an eye sore.
So I took a dish that we got from our wedding that was actually in our bathroom collection from Target to display my bracelets & earings.

As for my earrings, I came across this awesome antique horderve tray.
I loved that it was white & silver & for $3 at the Salvation Army, this baby was mine.
I thought it would be neat to use it as a jewlery display, i'm able to hide my head bands ect, yet have a place to separate my dangly earrings from my post earrings.
I love this little gem!

Another one of my favorite finds is this old milk bottle from the good will.
I use it as a flower vase.
I actually talked about it in this post here, where I showed some of my finds from when I was back home in WA.

So this side of the room has our closet, dresser & seating area in it.
We lucked out with this house, we have a HUGE master bedroom.
& it looks out onto the bay.
 Its perfect for those crazy southern thunderstorms we get all the time here, 
we can watch it right from the comfort of our bed :)

I love this little nook we made,
it is perfect for curling up with a book & reading away the rainy days that we keep getting!
Notice the mirror? It's from the entry way storage unit that we just recently converted into a dog food station. {that post can be found here}

The color scheme for our bedroom is white, navy, charcoal grey, light grey, mint green & little hints/ accents of red from time to time.
Our room before was grey white & mint green but I am a total sucker for navy blue.
I was surprised when I put the two colors together,
they compliment one another so well!

Next up is the other side of the room,
where our massive King Size bed dominates that part of the room.
Now this side is still the "in progress" part.
We still need a headboard, we have two different looks in mind but haven't decided on one for sure yet.

I am a huge sucker for TJ Maxx & Marshalls.
I've been piecing my bedding together little by little because I wanted a more electric look.
But as it turns out, I keep getting it from the same brand without even noticing haha!
I bought all of our bedding from those two stores, but everything is the Ralph Lauren Brand.
I'm still keeping my eyes out for either a navy blue throw from the end of our bed or a white & blue duvet color.

As for our nightstands, I got these for a steal of $10!
They were in pretty rough shape {as everything I usually get}
I decided to paint them the same light grey color as my dresser & stain the tops a dark wood color to give the room some warmth.

To match with most of the hardware in the room I opted to keep them black {the original hardware}
I love the simple look of these, & having the baskets underneath helps with more storage.

Right when you walk into our room the first thing you see is our huge sliding glass door that looks our onto our porch upstairs.
Its not all that exciting & I couldn't get a good picture because I don't have a wide angle lens.
But As for the opposite side of our room.
It's nothing spectacular but I thought I would still share.

Later on this week I will share my tips on organizing a small closet {likes ours}
& some do's&donts.
But until then,this is where our closet is haha.

Because of my massive clothes addiction.
No really, It was bad having to downsize when I moved out of my parents house.
I had an entire room as a closet..
I've taken over our entire closet,
& part of the guest room & downstairs coat closet,
I store some of my most used purses on a hook on the back of our door.

And as for more jewelry storage I made this cute little earring hook/display with some twine & a wood picture frame.
Its perfect because it makes it easy to see all of your jewelry at once when your getting ready and it acts as wall decor all at the same time :)

So that's about all we've done in our room for now,
We still have some more plans for the space but its about 85% done.
{but once its done ill probably change my mind again haha}
Stay tuned for some more posts this week about organizing/storage && some other fun things I have planned for you all!

We are getting back into the rhythm of things around here,
our normal schedules have been thrown off a bit.
I recently got a new job, & am still searching for another job, my husband started psychical therapy for his hand && classes are picking back up.

So more posts will be coming your way soon!
I just have to set more time aside for blogging all our fun things we've been up too ;)


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fancy Dog Food Bowl

If you are one of my Facebook friends or Instagram followers then this won't come as a surprise to you,
I am a little obsessed with animals.
More so, my dog, Harley.
My husband thinks that Harley is so spoiled, but, can you blame me?!
He is so cute!

There, now that we have all had our photo blast of my fur baby, we can carry on haha.

We are slowly but surely getting our house the way we want it & I don't know if it is just me but
I think that looking at two bowls on the floor is a total eye sore haha.
So I decided I wanted to make a more "pretty" food/water station for Harley. 

A lot of you might remember this entry way mirror and storage unit, I was in the process of selling it.
But an idea struck me && I decided to keep it.

Our house is a town house, you walk in and you see the all the way to the back of the house,
we don't really have a set "entry way" area so this was no use to us.

But I loved the shape of it & adored the curved mirror.
Only would I look at a vintage piece like this && think, HEY lets make a dog food station!

I know what you are thinking, something a long the lines of "uh............what?!"
Yeah, So was my husband.

Here are the materials you are going to need for this project:

  • A Jig Saw {Not Pictured}
  • A box of some sort {I used the base of the entry way storage, but this could easily be made with some wood & pre made legs at your local hardware store}
  • Dog Food Bowls - We actually got mixing bowls from Walmart, my dog drinks so much water that it just gets annoying filling his bowl so many times in a day, we wanted something deeper then the average dog food bowl so we found these in the Kitchen isle at Walmart & they are easy on the eyes to look at && fairly cheap as well {$6 or $7 I believe?} so that was a double bonus.
  • Paint & Protective Coat & Paint brushes - I used Valspar's Dark Kettle Black in Flat & Rustoleum Ultimate Polyurethane in Matte Finish, & A separate brush for painting & protective coat.
  • I also Used Valspar's Chalkboard Paint & had some chalk that I picked up at Michael's.
Now onto the fun part!

Step 1: Cutting & Placement

Before you start cutting wholes you want to plan out where you want the bowls to go,

Once you have that figured out you want to take the bowl and make a clear cutting line for it.
But when cutting keep in mind you want to actually cut the hole about half an inch in from where you drew the circle.

You want the bowls to sit on top && not fall through the holes, so make sure that the bowls you use have some sort of a lip on them.
Along with these being a nice shiny silver, we chose them as the dog food bowls because of the wide lip around the top of the bowl for that exact reason.

Step 2: Painting & Top Coat

I chose to paint this black for multiple reasons.
This will be sitting to the right of our cabinet that houses our microwave/pantry in the kitchen.
I didn't want to paint it white like most of my furniture because this will be used everyday.
I also didn't want to paint it blue or grey {the other colors in our house}
because I didn't want it to compete with our dark grey kitchen cabinets.
{to see our kitchen update/renovation check it out here}
So I chose black.

Along with painting the entire thing Black I chose to paint the detailed insert with chalkboard paint.
I love that you can't tell that it's chalkboard, it all blends in, making it look classic and simple.
I wanted to give it a fun element by adding the chalkboard and making it more "personal".

Here is a picture of it before I put everything together,

We also loved that this had storage & that it opened up on the top. It was a must for us.
We don't have a lot of storage in our house so I use to just sit the dog food to the right of our fridge.
What I love about this new dog food station is we now have a place to store the food without it being an eye sore.

&& here it is all done!!
I am loving how it looks & isn't an eye sore anymore!

As you can see, Harley isn't the only one who loves his new water & food station.


So what do you think?!
I will admit, I was nervous about dismantling such a cute piece of furniture but this is so much more functional for us && I would do it again in a heart beat!

I have other places for the mirror that was once attached to this,
you will later see that when I show what we've been up too in our bedroom which has taken a complete overhaul over the past year.
As long as finishing up random projects around the house we are working on our laundry storage, bedroom & dining room right now.
So stay tuned for more updates on that && some client work I will be showing later this week :)

I hope you all are having a great  day & start to fall!
I go back to school on the 21st so I'm trying to get caught up with all our projects going on around here,
as well as a new job & more client work!
It is finally starting to cool down here in NC.
I am so ready to bust out my sweaters && boots.
I just hope NC keeps this up ;)

Talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Birchbox

It's that time of the month again!
Christmas in August Birch Box Style ;)
If you don't remember my post from last month check it out HERE.
I talk about what Birchbox is, how to sign up && the whole nitty gritty.
I still can't believe that its already mid August, where did this summer go?!

This month Birchbox's theme was "beauty school" a fun twist on the back to school shopping that is currently going on all over the world right now!

I've been subscribed to Birchbox for over a year now and I've gotta say, this was in my top 5.
I'm always up for new products & I can't wait to see if any of these become my new favorites!

I knew right when I opened it that this box was worth it! 
I have no idea how Birchbox knows me so well.
Last month I was running out of liquid eyeliner and low & behold I got some in my box,
this month? 
I was thinking about purchasing a new razer and thank you Birchbox for reading my mind once again.

This months Box I got:

Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curls {full size verison} - $32
Schick Hydro Silk Razer {with coupons for extra blades} - around $10 depending where you purchase it

So far so good!
Birchbox this month saved me $60 for 3 full size samples.
Not bad for a $10 subscription if you ask me ;)

If you would like to know more about birchbox check out the post I did here,
& here is a link to the website if you would like to sign up for your beauty subscription today!


I've been wanting to try the Miss Jessie's hair care products because I have naturally wavy hair.
&& I finally got too! I can't wait to try their other products.
I love how Birchbox has a way of changing your whole beauty routine.
& that razer is AMAZING.
I know Walmart carries it because I used my coupon to snag a few extra razers
I believe it was $7.94?
If you need a new razer I would definitely go check that one out!

As for the other products, I have yet to use my Pixi Eye Shadow Pen,
But the nail polish touch up wands actually aren't that bad!
for 5$ I would probably buy them because they are good to have on hand,
& provide less of a mess.

I've never been a big fan of Juicy,
back in middle school I did however buy into the whole juicy sweat suit fad
but that's about as far as I went with Juicy products.
I have a necklace & charm bracelet from them & was gifted their perfume.
I've just never really preferred it to other brands.
& this perfume was the same.
I didn't totally hate it, but I wouldn't buy it myself.
But perfumes are a tough thing to review,
it smells different on everyone & everyone has their own like when it comes to smells.

Have you tried any new beauty products lately?
What have been your favorite?
Do you have a fun beauty subscription or something similar?
I'd love to hear about it & hear from you!
Leave a comment bellow :)

Hope you all are having an amazing week!
I'll be back later this week with a post on the beauty products & make up I am currently crushing on lately!


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Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Fall Pledge

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
Did you miss me? ;)

I know it isn't even close to January, {4 months to be exact actually}
 But I'm going to make a resolution.
We can call it a "changing the leaf" pledge.
It can be mine & your way of getting back into the swing of things for this fall.

We all know by now that I am pretty horrible at keeping up with my lovely little blog here.
But I blame it on the heat.
This southern heat is slowlykillingme horrible.
My poor Pacific Northwest Soul can't take the constant 100 degree + weather.
{I know I sound pathetic, but seriously I can't take the heat}
haha pun anyone?!?!
So my "changing the leaf" pledge is to do more posts on a weekly basis.
I'm going to try my hardest to make it a goal of mine for 3 posts a week minimum.
&& you all better hold me to it ;)
But it won't be that hard once the weather starts calming down.
Which I can not wait for!

Did any of you happen to catch the fact that all the fall scents are out in stores now?!?!
You better believe I picked up tons of Pumpkin Pie & Warm Apple Pie Candles from Tj Maxx & Big Lots last weekend.
They got a huge shipment in of the candles that Target Candles && much more!
I horded like 10 of them & haven't stopped burning them since!
So if I were you I would definitely check out your local Target, Big Lots, Marshalls, HomeGoods, & Tj Maxx for the most yummiest candles ever.

Who doesn't love fall?!?
I am so excited for boots, yummy food, candles, cuddling up on the couch with blankets, tea & good books,
apple cider, all of my winter clothes {basically my whole closet, thank you Seattle for having cold weather year round && leaving me no clothes for the summer!} , and the list of fall lusting goes on.
I love holiday season, it trumps summer in my book any day.

Butttt back to current time.
Summer is almost over && I don't know if it is just me but I can't wait,
I love the hustle and bustle of fall-spring.
Summer is just way too laid back for my taste.
So I will have tons of D.I.Y. Crafts, Furniture Flips, Beauty Tips && Much more coming to you all soon!
I want to take this blog into many directions, not just furniture flips.
Because I do do more than just painting ;)

So I know this isn't one of my normal posts but I will be back later this week with a more "fun" post!
I hope you all have an amazing week, & live up the rest of your summer because September is fastly approaching!


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Friday, August 3, 2012

Mint Green

Lately I have been color crushing on mint green. bad.
I always catch myself gravitating more & more towards mint green accessories.
It meshes so well with all the hues of grey I have in my house.
I will be sharing picture of our house soon, the purchase of a new couch turned into an overhaul of 
the living room downstairs ;)
I have some awesome D.I.Y. posts lined up for that, but for now,
I scored the cuuuuuuuutest little nightstand when my mom was in town.
&& of course, I incorporated my new color love into this lovely nightstand.

This little beauty is available for sale in the show now.


I'm not a big fan on these nightstands in their original state.
they are just a bit too rich? for my taste.
It just looks too stuffy.

But I love love love the shape and character of this style! 
I knew right away what hardware I wanted to put on it & what color I wanted.

Now she looks 10000x times better ;)


I lovvvvvve this color so much!
It is by Valspar.
I don't quite know the name because my neighbor gave me the paint as mistint.
It has just enough color to it.

I decided to put some new old hardware on it.
I wanted to give it a different look then what originally came with it.
{which there was only one}
If you don't know what kind of pulls i'm talking about check out this post here.

Every single time I have furniture I get to sell I always want to keep them!
But could you blame me?!
I'm such a furniture junkie haha :)

These pulls were actually my old kitchen cabinet pulls.
If you don't remember then check out our kitchen reveal here.
I love that these pulls have history to them, it compliments this adorable nightstand so well.

They are modern enough but are still antique looking.
I think it makes a huge difference for this little night stand compared to its before.

You will be seeing much more mint pieces in my work coming up!
I'm currently working on a dresser that will be for sale in my shop as well in this color!
&& in case you forgot this one IS for sale;
check it out here with the other pieces I currently have for sale as well.

Too bad my work week doesn't end here ;)
I hope you all have amazing plans for this week & have a great day!
Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grown Up Little Girl Rooms

Lately I have been getting a ton of custom requests for little girls rooms.
Everyone is switching to their "big girl rooms" & it is so nice to get to play with fun colors!
I had a chance to work with two very sweet ladies recently so I thought I would share both of their furniture transformations in one post since their daughters rooms were both in a state of transition.
Two completely different looks but two adorable looks ;)

First off we will start with Dalia's Little Girls room:
For her daughters room she wanted something white & metallic for her head board & night stands:


Juuuuuuuuuust kidding.
I completely blanked on this portion of the project. Whoopsies!
Before they were all white with antique hardware {the french looking ones}
So we opted to modernize them to go with a different feel for the room.


I love the look of the two tones, it really makes it pop 
yet, is still neutral enough that it could go anywhere in a home other than a little girls room :)

I really love the detail on these night stands, the charming character of them really meshes well with the new modern hardware & silver metallic paint.

I really wish I would have taken before pictures because one of the biggest transformations was the hardware, changing it to modern silver knobs with detail around them & a bin pull made a HUGE difference. 

They turned out soo good. 
This was my first project using metallic paint on furniture & I don't think it will be my last.

I really love how the drawers trick you into thinking their are 4 but in all reality these are just two drawers!
I love extra hardware ;)

& I was in the process of moving these out to the truck to deliver them when I realized I didn't get a picture of this super cute headboard so I'm sorry for the presentation haha!

This was such a fun set to work on! I loved how girly but grown up it came out.

You can never go wrong with white & grey! :)

& Now for the other little girls room.
I loved that she wanted to play with fun bold colors.
I remember back in the day when I had a Hot Pink & Purple room.
It must just be a phase every girl goes through haha!
This bookcase has totally captured my heart.
I want to be a little girl again so I can have it in my room!


This nightstand had seen many lifes,
orange, blue, grey, green, ect.
It was fun to see all the colors when I sanded it down.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! 
Therefore. The hot pink was already painted haha :)
Before it was all orange & blue.


Are you in love?
Because I so am.

Please excuse the hot pink section, it was still drying, 
I was just too excited with how it all turned out.

I loved this whole two tone feel that both projects had going on.
The hot pink really popped against the dark purple.

The arc on the sides on the bookcase really make a huge impact on the whole feel of this bookcase.
I couldn't picture it any other way now.
The colors look so good for a little girls room!

When my client came to me with these cute little hooks I was smitten,
they really tie the two colors together.

So what do you guys think?!
It was so fun to work for both clients & their daughters rooms.
Its a nice change from all the "grown up" furniture I do.
Color is always a fun experience.
Have you guys fallen in love with any bold or fun colors lately?!

Link up any projects you have been working on at my facebook page:

&& remember when I hit 200 page links on my face book I will be hosting an amazing give away on the blog here!
*if you would like to be a vendor please email me @

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!
Jordyn Luise Blog