Monday, September 24, 2012

September BirchBox

I am Falling in Love all over again!
Birchbox style ;)
Every month I love this beauty subscription more & more.
I have found some amazing products in the past year from Birchbox.
If you don't already know what Birchbox is  I talk about what Birchbox is, how to sign up && the whole nitty gritty in this post HERE.

This months Birch Box was just as amazing as the rest.
I was currently wearing one of my new Birchbox finds when I took this so my new twist band hair tie isn't pictured.
I loved that they sent a fall "look book" that listed all the fall beauty essentials. 
It was a great way to show the new products and it made me conscious of what products I need to restock on ;)

This month I got a ton of great fall staples:
Twist Band - Lace up for Fall : I got the cute salmon colored lace band.
BVLGARI Mon Jasmine Perfume : This stuff smells amazing!
The past two times I have gotten a perfume sample of BVLGARI's perfumes I have used them rather than my normal perfume. I'll probably be purchasing either of them in the near future.
WEI to go Sleep Over Kit: This had me smitten after one use.
This cleanser is perfect for washing your face at night or in the mornings, & the perfect finish is so neat.
Its a  "lightweight formula part of a new breed of products called CC Creams, or Color Control Creams" Birchbox says it best. But it works so well! I usually wear it as is without any foundation over it. I will definitely be purchasing this too!
Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Reguvenator: I was actually more partial to this face cleanser than the WEI to go one, I loved the smell of this stuff & it worked really good!
The first week I used it I actually broke out {which if you know me, that is very rare, I'm one of those freak of nature people who rarely get a zit} but I noticed a HUGE change in my skin once it started clearing back up. It was glowing more & it just looked a lot more healthy. I highly recommend this stuff. It is the beez knees.

BirchBox and Color Club - Custom Collection:  Pictured Above to show a better picture of the color ^
As I'm typing this post I'm currently wearing this nail polish.
This color is such a gem! It is the perfect metallic shade with a hint of neutral color.
Another great fall staple.
Brush Guard Variety Pack: Each month BirchBox gives out what I like to call a "box prize".
One time it was headphones, another time it was tea, & this time it is brush guards.
Not much to say here haha.

Overall this was a great Fall Staple Beauty Box.
You got everything really, nail polish, perfume, foundation/concealer, && face cleaner.
I really have no complaints, and once again, Birch Box has gotten me hooked on some new products.

Have you tried Birch Box yet? If not Sign up Here.
Do you have any great beauty products that you are smitten over?! I would love to hear about it if you do!
If you have any questions feel free to email me!
I love hearing from you all!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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