Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fancy Dog Food Bowl

If you are one of my Facebook friends or Instagram followers then this won't come as a surprise to you,
I am a little obsessed with animals.
More so, my dog, Harley.
My husband thinks that Harley is so spoiled, but, can you blame me?!
He is so cute!

There, now that we have all had our photo blast of my fur baby, we can carry on haha.

We are slowly but surely getting our house the way we want it & I don't know if it is just me but
I think that looking at two bowls on the floor is a total eye sore haha.
So I decided I wanted to make a more "pretty" food/water station for Harley. 

A lot of you might remember this entry way mirror and storage unit, I was in the process of selling it.
But an idea struck me && I decided to keep it.

Our house is a town house, you walk in and you see the all the way to the back of the house,
we don't really have a set "entry way" area so this was no use to us.

But I loved the shape of it & adored the curved mirror.
Only would I look at a vintage piece like this && think, HEY lets make a dog food station!

I know what you are thinking, something a long the lines of "uh............what?!"
Yeah, So was my husband.

Here are the materials you are going to need for this project:

  • A Jig Saw {Not Pictured}
  • A box of some sort {I used the base of the entry way storage, but this could easily be made with some wood & pre made legs at your local hardware store}
  • Dog Food Bowls - We actually got mixing bowls from Walmart, my dog drinks so much water that it just gets annoying filling his bowl so many times in a day, we wanted something deeper then the average dog food bowl so we found these in the Kitchen isle at Walmart & they are easy on the eyes to look at && fairly cheap as well {$6 or $7 I believe?} so that was a double bonus.
  • Paint & Protective Coat & Paint brushes - I used Valspar's Dark Kettle Black in Flat & Rustoleum Ultimate Polyurethane in Matte Finish, & A separate brush for painting & protective coat.
  • I also Used Valspar's Chalkboard Paint & had some chalk that I picked up at Michael's.
Now onto the fun part!

Step 1: Cutting & Placement

Before you start cutting wholes you want to plan out where you want the bowls to go,

Once you have that figured out you want to take the bowl and make a clear cutting line for it.
But when cutting keep in mind you want to actually cut the hole about half an inch in from where you drew the circle.

You want the bowls to sit on top && not fall through the holes, so make sure that the bowls you use have some sort of a lip on them.
Along with these being a nice shiny silver, we chose them as the dog food bowls because of the wide lip around the top of the bowl for that exact reason.

Step 2: Painting & Top Coat

I chose to paint this black for multiple reasons.
This will be sitting to the right of our cabinet that houses our microwave/pantry in the kitchen.
I didn't want to paint it white like most of my furniture because this will be used everyday.
I also didn't want to paint it blue or grey {the other colors in our house}
because I didn't want it to compete with our dark grey kitchen cabinets.
{to see our kitchen update/renovation check it out here}
So I chose black.

Along with painting the entire thing Black I chose to paint the detailed insert with chalkboard paint.
I love that you can't tell that it's chalkboard, it all blends in, making it look classic and simple.
I wanted to give it a fun element by adding the chalkboard and making it more "personal".

Here is a picture of it before I put everything together,

We also loved that this had storage & that it opened up on the top. It was a must for us.
We don't have a lot of storage in our house so I use to just sit the dog food to the right of our fridge.
What I love about this new dog food station is we now have a place to store the food without it being an eye sore.

&& here it is all done!!
I am loving how it looks & isn't an eye sore anymore!

As you can see, Harley isn't the only one who loves his new water & food station.


So what do you think?!
I will admit, I was nervous about dismantling such a cute piece of furniture but this is so much more functional for us && I would do it again in a heart beat!

I have other places for the mirror that was once attached to this,
you will later see that when I show what we've been up too in our bedroom which has taken a complete overhaul over the past year.
As long as finishing up random projects around the house we are working on our laundry storage, bedroom & dining room right now.
So stay tuned for more updates on that && some client work I will be showing later this week :)

I hope you all are having a great  day & start to fall!
I go back to school on the 21st so I'm trying to get caught up with all our projects going on around here,
as well as a new job & more client work!
It is finally starting to cool down here in NC.
I am so ready to bust out my sweaters && boots.
I just hope NC keeps this up ;)

Talk to you all soon!