Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shabby Chic Bar Stools

Hi Again! I'm back with yet another blog post tonight!
Last month I teamed up with EllieMac Designs && became an assistant for the lovely Ellie McIntosh. I couldn't believe I was given such a neat opportunity to work with her and be apart of her company!
It is going to be such a great learning experience & I wanted to introduce you guys to her business.
You can find her facebook page here && her website here.
She is an amazing artist and an incredible designer!
She has a huge range in what she can do and would love to work with any of you!
Please checkout her website & facebook page as she has just relocated her business here from Colorado last May. She has worked with many different people and many different budgets, so don't be scared by the idea of an interior designer. She has many talents along with paintings and wall murals. 
So if you have the time check her out and see what she is all about as I will probably be referencing to EllieMac designs in the future :) 

As one of my first to do's she gave me these awesome bar stools she needed done for a clients house.
I'm sad I forgot to take a before picture but they were a dark wood color.
So here are the After's.

For some reason the only pictures I could find were of when I was working on one of the bar stools but both were distressed exactly the same.

We went back and forth between a few different options on the stools and I'm so happy with the choice we agree'd on! I can't wait to see how they look in Ellie's client's home! 

I love the look of the wood on top & the creamy white base with some distressing here and there.
It really brought out the detail of the legs of these adorable bar stools.

I just can't get over how cute they are! Before they were all the same color wood as the seat on the stools.
Ellies client really loves the Shabby Chic Look & Bright colors, I think these neutral but interesting pieces will be a great accent in her clients kitchen!

I think I'm in love. Aren't you?


Rocking Chair Bliss

One of the things I love most is seeing how things change over time.
Recently I got the privilege of transforming this adorable rocking chair into right state.
When this piece came to me it looked like it had been through a battle field of colors.
My client had picked it up from a sweet old lady & fell in love with it.
She knew that it had potential to be lovely & I was happy to make it happen for her!


Before the piece was a red & white color.A bit worn but still had so much character!

It was kind of exciting to see all the different shades of color this one little rocking chair had been painted over the years, from red, green, blue, & white.

I have never seen a rocking chair like this, I totally fell in love! But who wouldn't?

Here is a better picture of all of the different colors that it had once been.


My client opted to just got with a solid tan color.
I couldn't have agree'd more!
Keeping it one color really made all the different angles of this piece stand out.

After sanding & priming you would have never known that this little beauty was so old!
I can't get over just how different it looks from when I picked it up from my client!

Even though today it is pouring outside here in NC, I can just picture Amy sitting out on her new rocking chair  drinking some sweet tea and reading a book! This little beauty is going to get a lot of use this coming summer!

What do you guys think? Do you like how it turned out?
What kind of outdoor furniture do you have?
Link up some photos to my facebook and show us all how you relax when the weather is warm!
Can't wait to hear from you!


Custom Orders

Lately I have been up too a lot of projects!
It seems like this house is always busy busy busy!
My house is currently {& almost done!} under construction.
My dad has been working on some projects with the hubs around our house.
Soon I will post some pictures of all the great things we have been up too around here.
But today I wanted to share with you some of the custom orders I have done for some clients recently & to take a few minutes to explain what this blog really is all about.

So there is going to be multiple posts today filled with tons of pictures {but whose really complaining? ;)}.
I could just post all of these orders in one but they all deserve their own highlighted post 
because they are all gems in their own way. 
Along with these there will be more posts to come later this week!

Recently I have been advertising my services for custom painted furniture, I do many types of refinishing,
from staining, distressing, solid colors, crackle paint & much more.
I am always up for a challenge and love giving old pieces a new life by restoring them back beauty!
If you are interested in having some furniture redone don't hesitate to email me,
 I would love to work with you.
My email is
Just shoot me a picture, what you were thinking you want done to the piece and when you need it done by.
My turn around time really depends on how big the piece is & what you want done to it.
At most probably 4 days tops.

Now back to the fun stuff for all my followers;
I was excited with how much variety I got to work with these past few weeks with my clients.
From a Rocking Chair to Bar stools to an Armoire & Nightstands!
Each had the perfect amount of loveliness to them, they just needed some TLC.
A big part of what I do is restoring pieces and bringing them back to life.
Each and every one of my clients & their pieces always leave an imprecision.
I was so happy to work with all these new people & see so many different tastes!
So without further ado let the blog posts begin!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cranberry Lovin'

I have a feeling that red is going to show up a lot more in color choices this year.
Or at least I hope it will!
I can't tell you how head over heels I have fallen in love with cranberry lately.
More and more red might just be popping up in my posts to come, so don't be too surprised when it happens ;)
If you all are anything like me I have be captivated by the neutral & calmness of white, grey and wood tones these past few months. Yet a few weeks ago I found myself sitting in our house thinking wow, we need to add some color in here!
& my first choice was red. way to go from one extreme to the other Jordyn. 
I love the look of red against grey but it just wasn't the right mesh for my house since my lovely vintage couch is navy- a bit too Americana for my taste but boy oh boy do I love these lovely red tables I re-did, 
I was sad to let them go since they didn't flow with my house but I'm happy they are in great hands now with a lovely new owner who has the right place for them!


I was totally in love at hello when I first laid my eyes on these cute tables (there are two of them by the way)
I was sad though that on the other table one of the pulls was missing and I couldn't find another so I had to replace them.BUT I saved them for future projects so I'm not too heartbroken.

I loved all the little extras these tables had to add.
From the detail in the legs...

to the "bead boarding" look alike sides. They looked quite vintage, especially in the wood color.
By far my most favorite find out there!
** Please excuse the poor lighting, it was pouring when I went to start sanding these beauties, I always forget befores! So at least I got them this time.


Like I said, I can't help but love the look of red against grey!
Now the paint color was called cranberry but they definitely were a bit more red then I wanted but I was still very pleased with the outcome.

I opted to go with basic knobs on the drawers because I didn't want to take away from all the detail everywhere else. I really wanted the details to shine.

I'm sad I couldn't find a place in my house for these tables! Who wouldn't be? They are too stinkin' cute!
Have any of you fallen in love with any bold colors or color combos lately?!
My goal in 2012 is too broaden my horizons in color choices.
What about you all? What is your goal for 2012?
I would love to hear from you! If any of you happen to do some furniture refinishes lately with fun colors link them up to my Facebook page here!
I would love to hear from you all & see what you all are up too!

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun post on what we have been up to in the Pruitt household! Many changes have come since my dad has been down in North Carolina visiting! I can't wait to share them all with you!