Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rocking Chair Bliss

One of the things I love most is seeing how things change over time.
Recently I got the privilege of transforming this adorable rocking chair into right state.
When this piece came to me it looked like it had been through a battle field of colors.
My client had picked it up from a sweet old lady & fell in love with it.
She knew that it had potential to be lovely & I was happy to make it happen for her!


Before the piece was a red & white color.A bit worn but still had so much character!

It was kind of exciting to see all the different shades of color this one little rocking chair had been painted over the years, from red, green, blue, & white.

I have never seen a rocking chair like this, I totally fell in love! But who wouldn't?

Here is a better picture of all of the different colors that it had once been.


My client opted to just got with a solid tan color.
I couldn't have agree'd more!
Keeping it one color really made all the different angles of this piece stand out.

After sanding & priming you would have never known that this little beauty was so old!
I can't get over just how different it looks from when I picked it up from my client!

Even though today it is pouring outside here in NC, I can just picture Amy sitting out on her new rocking chair  drinking some sweet tea and reading a book! This little beauty is going to get a lot of use this coming summer!

What do you guys think? Do you like how it turned out?
What kind of outdoor furniture do you have?
Link up some photos to my facebook and show us all how you relax when the weather is warm!
Can't wait to hear from you!