Sunday, February 19, 2012

Custom Orders

Lately I have been up too a lot of projects!
It seems like this house is always busy busy busy!
My house is currently {& almost done!} under construction.
My dad has been working on some projects with the hubs around our house.
Soon I will post some pictures of all the great things we have been up too around here.
But today I wanted to share with you some of the custom orders I have done for some clients recently & to take a few minutes to explain what this blog really is all about.

So there is going to be multiple posts today filled with tons of pictures {but whose really complaining? ;)}.
I could just post all of these orders in one but they all deserve their own highlighted post 
because they are all gems in their own way. 
Along with these there will be more posts to come later this week!

Recently I have been advertising my services for custom painted furniture, I do many types of refinishing,
from staining, distressing, solid colors, crackle paint & much more.
I am always up for a challenge and love giving old pieces a new life by restoring them back beauty!
If you are interested in having some furniture redone don't hesitate to email me,
 I would love to work with you.
My email is
Just shoot me a picture, what you were thinking you want done to the piece and when you need it done by.
My turn around time really depends on how big the piece is & what you want done to it.
At most probably 4 days tops.

Now back to the fun stuff for all my followers;
I was excited with how much variety I got to work with these past few weeks with my clients.
From a Rocking Chair to Bar stools to an Armoire & Nightstands!
Each had the perfect amount of loveliness to them, they just needed some TLC.
A big part of what I do is restoring pieces and bringing them back to life.
Each and every one of my clients & their pieces always leave an imprecision.
I was so happy to work with all these new people & see so many different tastes!
So without further ado let the blog posts begin!