Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Birchbox

It's that time of the month again!
Christmas in August Birch Box Style ;)
If you don't remember my post from last month check it out HERE.
I talk about what Birchbox is, how to sign up && the whole nitty gritty.
I still can't believe that its already mid August, where did this summer go?!

This month Birchbox's theme was "beauty school" a fun twist on the back to school shopping that is currently going on all over the world right now!

I've been subscribed to Birchbox for over a year now and I've gotta say, this was in my top 5.
I'm always up for new products & I can't wait to see if any of these become my new favorites!

I knew right when I opened it that this box was worth it! 
I have no idea how Birchbox knows me so well.
Last month I was running out of liquid eyeliner and low & behold I got some in my box,
this month? 
I was thinking about purchasing a new razer and thank you Birchbox for reading my mind once again.

This months Box I got:

Miss Jessie's Original Quick Curls {full size verison} - $32
Schick Hydro Silk Razer {with coupons for extra blades} - around $10 depending where you purchase it

So far so good!
Birchbox this month saved me $60 for 3 full size samples.
Not bad for a $10 subscription if you ask me ;)

If you would like to know more about birchbox check out the post I did here,
& here is a link to the website if you would like to sign up for your beauty subscription today!


I've been wanting to try the Miss Jessie's hair care products because I have naturally wavy hair.
&& I finally got too! I can't wait to try their other products.
I love how Birchbox has a way of changing your whole beauty routine.
& that razer is AMAZING.
I know Walmart carries it because I used my coupon to snag a few extra razers
I believe it was $7.94?
If you need a new razer I would definitely go check that one out!

As for the other products, I have yet to use my Pixi Eye Shadow Pen,
But the nail polish touch up wands actually aren't that bad!
for 5$ I would probably buy them because they are good to have on hand,
& provide less of a mess.

I've never been a big fan of Juicy,
back in middle school I did however buy into the whole juicy sweat suit fad
but that's about as far as I went with Juicy products.
I have a necklace & charm bracelet from them & was gifted their perfume.
I've just never really preferred it to other brands.
& this perfume was the same.
I didn't totally hate it, but I wouldn't buy it myself.
But perfumes are a tough thing to review,
it smells different on everyone & everyone has their own like when it comes to smells.

Have you tried any new beauty products lately?
What have been your favorite?
Do you have a fun beauty subscription or something similar?
I'd love to hear about it & hear from you!
Leave a comment bellow :)

Hope you all are having an amazing week!
I'll be back later this week with a post on the beauty products & make up I am currently crushing on lately!


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