Friday, August 3, 2012

Mint Green

Lately I have been color crushing on mint green. bad.
I always catch myself gravitating more & more towards mint green accessories.
It meshes so well with all the hues of grey I have in my house.
I will be sharing picture of our house soon, the purchase of a new couch turned into an overhaul of 
the living room downstairs ;)
I have some awesome D.I.Y. posts lined up for that, but for now,
I scored the cuuuuuuuutest little nightstand when my mom was in town.
&& of course, I incorporated my new color love into this lovely nightstand.

This little beauty is available for sale in the show now.


I'm not a big fan on these nightstands in their original state.
they are just a bit too rich? for my taste.
It just looks too stuffy.

But I love love love the shape and character of this style! 
I knew right away what hardware I wanted to put on it & what color I wanted.

Now she looks 10000x times better ;)


I lovvvvvve this color so much!
It is by Valspar.
I don't quite know the name because my neighbor gave me the paint as mistint.
It has just enough color to it.

I decided to put some new old hardware on it.
I wanted to give it a different look then what originally came with it.
{which there was only one}
If you don't know what kind of pulls i'm talking about check out this post here.

Every single time I have furniture I get to sell I always want to keep them!
But could you blame me?!
I'm such a furniture junkie haha :)

These pulls were actually my old kitchen cabinet pulls.
If you don't remember then check out our kitchen reveal here.
I love that these pulls have history to them, it compliments this adorable nightstand so well.

They are modern enough but are still antique looking.
I think it makes a huge difference for this little night stand compared to its before.

You will be seeing much more mint pieces in my work coming up!
I'm currently working on a dresser that will be for sale in my shop as well in this color!
&& in case you forgot this one IS for sale;
check it out here with the other pieces I currently have for sale as well.

Too bad my work week doesn't end here ;)
I hope you all have amazing plans for this week & have a great day!
Happy Friday Everyone!