Thursday, November 3, 2011

Progress in the master

So far so good, I can't wait until our master bedroom is done! I have high hopes for how it will turn out. But so far it is looking a bit white washed with all of the white.I'm planning on adding red accents in the room to play off of all of the masculine colors that are already in there (grey, black &white)
I had the pleasure of spending most of my weekend painting my dresser, the one I mentioned in my previous post. It was a complete monster but it was completely worth it. In my opinion it looks twenty million times lovelier white with some distressing! Here are some before and after shots:


I loved this dresser ever since I first laied eyes on it, 
the only thing was I hate that orange looking wood color.

But now it is a lovely white color that is exactly my taste:


I feel like by making the piece white it highlights all of the detail in the dresser

I can't get over how cute the detail of this dresser is!

The hardware perfectly matches my other dresser that I re did, 
it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it :)

it's love <3

On another note...

While at my friend Brittney's a few weeks ago we decided to get in the spirit of Halloween and explored an abandon house down the road from her place in New Bern.
While we were there we found so many goodies that we plan on going back for this weekend. 
Salvaged wood galore, old windows still intact, old doors that would make a persons heart weep. Or maybe that's just me? Who knows :) 

Here's a few pictures from that night:

the creey staircase...

the detail on the awesome door I'm going back for!

Is it weird to say how much in love I am with this completely ruined house?
From the crackle paint, to all the exposed wood?
It was truly amazing.

So many bricks! My mind was racing with different things I could possibly use them for.
Yet when I got home I couldn't think of one thing I could do.
So I will be turning to Pinterest.

I loved the look of the worn paint on the walls,it makes me want to try crackle paint! 
I think I just might have the perfect piece of furniture to try this on in my near future.
Have any of you used crackle paint? The idea of it has always been intimidating to me.
But I think I've fallen hard for the idea of it.

Oh did I mention we went to a cemetery as well?
Yeah, North Carolina cemetery's trump Seattle's on the spookiness factor.

many of the headstones were chipped and had fallen apart.
us girls were gushing over how beautiful they looked with their mossiness textures,
we wanted to take some pieces home that had broken off but decided that was bad juju.

the details in the cemetery were just gorgeous!

I loved the look of the moss! I think I might need to find a project to do inspired by it.

Well that's it for my picture overload,
I can't wait for all the projects that will come of our findings. 
What did you do to get into the spirit of things for Halloween? 
See any good scary movies? Go to any creepy haunted places? Do any fun activities? Do tell :)
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xoxox Jordynluise