Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crackle Paint

Recently I shared with you all my bathroom redo.
Well when it came time to getting a mirror I didn't want just a plain ol' mirror.
First I thought one of those big antique ones would look amazing, until I started researching prices.
So while at the Salvation Army one day I stumbled across this gem:

{sorry about the picture, I had just started painting and remembered I needed a before picture :)}

Wanna guess the price?

They sold this beauty for only......
wait for it...........

Are you as amazed as me?!

Anyways, I decided the white against the white vanity stand in our bathroom was just too basic for the feel I was going for.
So I used a color from a previous project I did for my bathroom.
A few weeks ago my friend Brittney was over and while she was getting supplies at Michael's for her paintings, I decided I would get some Mason Jars and paint them and use them as candle holders for in my lovely new bathroom, I came across this awesome color in the Martha Stewart Craft line, Pearl Aquarium.

So it was just a given that I should use that color as well for my mirror, but again, I wanted something different so I tried crackle paint. And I am just in LOVE with the result. And the color! It matches perfectly with my shower curtain.


The pearl affect that the paint has looks amazing on the mirror,
it really is a statement piece in the bathroom because it just sticks out.

This project was really quick and simple to do!

All you need is:

* Whatever color you desire. I chose to stay with the Martha Stewart craft line since the Crackle Paint was from her line.
As for the black paint, I wasn't sure how much I needed so I bought that kind because it was only 1.99 which is how much the smaller paint pictured (Peal Aquarium) was.

I opted to get three different disposable brushes because the paint drys fast and you need to quickly add coats over the top of it to gain the crackle affect.
On the back of the Crackle paint are instructions for how to do it.
First you need to paint the entire base of the mirror in whatever color you want to bleed through, I chose black.
You want to wait for the paint to be dry, after that you apply the crackle affect you want to wait for the surface to be semi dry, by that I mean you want it tacky, this part was left out on the bottle but it is important to not forget it, once it is tacky then apply the paint you want to be dominant, for instance, the Pearl Aquarium paint. After that you just let it dry completely and there you have it!

A beautiful crackled mirror that looks aged :)
Heres an image of it in my bathroom, see, your eye just goes straight too it. 
I couldn't love my mirror anymore!

Have any of you tried crackle paint? I hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving tomorrow! We will be headed up to NewBern to spend it with our friends family! Can't wait for all the delicious food.
I should probably go workout since I'm going to gain like a bajillion pounds tomorrow ;)
Hopefully the rainy day here today doesn't mess up your plans! Maybe you could spend the day crafting a project you pinned on Pinterest!