Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out with the Old,

In with the new.
That phrase couldn't sound anymore pleasant to my ears then it already does.
A few months back we bought our house,
 it came with probably the worst wall color choices you could ever imagine.
In both bathrooms they chose 2 walls orange, 2 walls cream.
Orange?! like Orange?! Yes people, ORANGE.
As you can imagine it was awful and cringe worthy.
It wasn't even a good paint job.
So, hubby and I decided it needed to go asap.
So we started in the upstairs bathroom.
Mind you the bathrooms were outdated on top of the bad color choice.
I mean, medicine cabinets, orange walls, oak cabinets? No thank :)


We tried to make it look nice by filling up wall space and making the orange blend in with the art.

But nothing can make that medicine cabinet look good. Not even paint.
And those lights? Don't even get me started..

We had little to none storage so we made a cheap fix and bought one of those 
bathroom stands you put together yourself at Walmart.
Not the most appealing fix but it was cheap until we decided to get the ball rolling with the bathroom redo.

Our Inspiration for the Bathroom was our shower curtain, our whole bathroom set is in this color pattern so it was just a given.

And now for the lovely new bathroom!


We added shelves to give more storange since we took the medicine cabinet out,
We bought the baskets at Walmart, 
The shelving brackets were from Lowe's 
& the shelves we already had from an old bookcase.

Taking out the cabinet made such a difference in modernizing the space.
The mirror was a fabulous find for only 3 dollars at the salvation army.
I used crackle paint on the mirror to give it a more distressed look to match with the rest of our home.
I'll post later on how I did that.

The wall color matches perfectly with our shower curtain.
The paint we used was City Smokestack by Color place
{can be found at Walmart}

Another picture of just how lovely the accents match the paint color.

I can't express to you all how much I am in love with our new bathroom.
Waking up every morning and getting ready in that Cream-sickle bathroom was just not cutting it.
Now we have a more modern bathroom with a vintage accent.
What more could a girl ask for?

Here's a close up on our shelving.
As you can see from underneath the shelves aren't that pretty but, 
we spent no money using our old book shelf that fell apart as our shelving.
A few painted mason jars, some baskets, & some candles gave this bathroom just the touch it needed.

This picture isn't the best of our light fixture but you can get an idea.
The silver in the light fixture plays off well with the mirror.
We bought the light at Walmart as well. for only 29 dollars.
Which was a steal after looking at Lowes and Homedepot.

Also at Walmart, {I usually hate that store but I couldn't pass up the prices for this redo}
we found new hardware to match with the existing silver accents.

Total cost for our renovation?
$10 for our shelving brackets {Lowes},
$20 on paint {Walmart},
$4 on hardware {Walmart},
$29 for our light fixture {Walmart},
$3 on our mirror {Salvation Army},
$20 on baskets{Walmart},
&& finally $5 on our candles {TjMaxx}.
All of that for a grand total of 91 dollars!

Best 91 dollars ever spent in my book.

I hope you all had a great weekend! We've been busy around our house. We had the Marine Corps ball in Myrtle Beach on Thursday night. It was a great night, I couldn't be more proud of my lovely man! Being in the company of all of those men who have done so much for our country was an honor. Celebrating the 236th birthday on the Marine Corps made for an amazing time with great company! On top of our trip to Myrtle Beac, I had the honor to help a friend out with her new thrift and consignment store opening in Richland's soon and possibly a few new business opportunities! Stay posted for updates! I look forward to the many balls to come. I can't wait to share with you all pictures and the other projects I have been busily working away on.