Monday, November 28, 2011

A Punch of Color.

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!
I know we sure did, minus the fact we missed our family.
We spent the day with great company though, our good friends have family close by so they had a big thanksgiving dinner up in New Bern and invited us over.
The food was amazing.
I probably gained a bazillion pounds, no biggie.

Recently my friend Brittney got into Pinterest and she stumbled across a pin about a thankful tree,
it was the cutest thing ever:

You wrote down on little pieces of paper what you were thankful for then tied it on the tree for everyone to see, it was a nice homey touch!

All she did was go into her backyard, find some twigs from trees,
cut them up & throw them into a vase, then she cut up pieces of paper, made a hole for the string and viola!

On another note,
As I've hinted at in my past posts we are currently in the process of redoing our master bedroom.
So far it's coming along great!
The first thing to go was the paint, the people that owner our house previous to us were really into the 
"one wall one color and the other wall the other color" fad.
Which is beyond me because I can't stand it. 
Maybe it would be okay if they hadn't done it in every room of our house.....
Well thanks to pinterest all the walls in my house 
minus my bathroom downstairs that I still need to paint, are all grey.
Grey is just so neutral and goes with everything, just like white, so you can't blame me for falling in love :)
When it came time to choosing colors for our room it wasn't much of a decision.
Last Christmas I got the cutest bedding ever from my mom as a present.
It looked great with my red walls there, but I wanted a more calm feel in our room so we painted our walls grey. 
The bedding is black and white, made by the country living brand.
Black, white & Grey. Not the most eye catching color scheme.
So here comes that "Punch of Color".
Naturally we chose red because it looked so good in my room before.
We just wanted it to be less bold as it was in my old room.

Well I didn't know how I wanted to bring in the red, until I stumbled across this beauty on Lejeune Yard sales:

{Close up on the detail }

I personally didn't like the choice of nobs on the vanity, they were really flimsy & just looked cheap.
Even though spray paint is my go to for everything I decided to pick up some new nobs instead.

I've been look for a vanity to put in our room since I had a built in one at my parents house.
I couldn't help myself after I saw this one.
I loved the detail that was put into it.
And I got it for an awesome price! Along with the fact that it had already been sanded and everything.
All it needed was some new nobs & Paint.

There was no doubt in my mind that this lovely piece needed to be red.
And if I do say so myself, it was a great idea.
Take a look for yourself:


I love the different color mirror against the red & black vanity.

The detail in the vanity is so much cuter in person! 
I can't even begin to tell you how much in love with this piece I am 

You can't tell in the picture as much but the nobs have a detail on them that suits the vanity well.
I thought the nobs looked better than those old pulls that were originally on it.

I love my vanity and the color it brings to my room! I can't wait to show you all the finished result of our bedroom, but there is still some work to go. Until then I hope you all have a fantastic day!