Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fresh Look

Recently I found a new love, lejeune yard sales <3
For all my west coasties out there it's basically like craigslist 
but it's generally suppose to be for
military families.

Well recently I was surfing the website for a dresser for the hubbs {since his clothes are all in the guest bedroom... oops :)} && stumbled across this beauty. 
Maybe beauty  isn't quite the right word for it..

{sorry I don't have a better picture, I remembered right as I was painting it}

Not quite what I wanted color wise but it had all the elements in a dresser I wanted.
It slightly resembles the dresser I already have in my room:

The hardware matches my existing one perfectly!
Insert happy music {Here}
I was so stoked to find a matching piece!

It was a steal at only 35 dollars. How could I pass it up?
Not only was I happy but so was the Hubbs.
He was so happy to see he had a dresser in our room when he came home from work that day.

The hardware wasn't quite as bulky as the existing ones on my dresser but they served their purpose.
You can hardly tell that this one is made of partical board and my dresser is made of real wood.

I just love how it turned out! 
The white dresser and black hardware are a great contrast with one another.

Find any good deals lately? I am obsessed with this new website! Oh! As you may see on the right of the blog, I have created a facebook page, please feel free to leave comments, post your own diy projects or ask any questions on there.Well I have some more painting to do! Working on my other dresser now. I hope you all have a good day :)
Xoxox Jordynluise