Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Richer tones

I have a bad habit of changing my mind far too often.
Instead of just keeping my house how it looked I decided I wanted to head in a different direction.
It just wasn't how I imagined it to be.
It felt too cold when we got the dark wood floors, the light grey walls & the purple and blue color scheme.
I've got some great ideas in mind but so far so good.
I decided my coffee table that I posted about {here} just wasn't the right fit for the space.
It was too small for what I wanted. But i loved the feel of it.

So I decided to turn to my new love.. lejeuneyardsales.
{excuse the poor background of my photos, we are giving our house a face lift outside}

I found this amazing steal of a coffee table for only 15 dollars!!
I can't believe the deals I find on there, that might just be why I keep changing my mind...

It was in some pretty rough shape, there was an abundance of scratches but I loved the wood plank looking top and the chunky legs.

The cute legs matched with my existing furniture so I knew it had to be mine.
Your probably thinking what the heck? But It was SO worth selling my other one.

We sanded down the entire table. I was a very very light color wood underneath all that finish and protective coat, it was amazing what a difference it made. Sanding is magic ;)

We decided to go with a white base and a wood top, we wanted to highlight out wood floors so we decided to make it match, eventually when we find the rug we want that area will be covered so it will tie the whole space together downstairs.

I am so in love with how it turned out. Its big enough for what we wanted and we were thinking about making some wood crates to put under it for blanket storage. I can't wait for the whole space to come together, but when it does you will all be the first to see!

I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend for MLK day! Back home in Washington they are getting hit with a major snow storm. Wish I was there too enjoy it but we are getting a lot done here at our house! I can't wait to share all the progress with you all!

xoxo Jordynluise