Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From Trash to Treasure

Best part about living in a military community?
Everyone PCS's at some point && if they are in a hurry they often throw a lot of things away rather than trying to sell them.
A lot of my great finds have been found around trash night,
{yep, i'm that person. don't judge me. I have found some cool stuff! fo free yo.}
Like this little number:

You catch that duct tape action?

How about all that handy dandy rust going on? 

Not so pretty huh?
Yeah my husband looked at me like I was completely crazy when we drove past this on the side of the road next to someones dumpster && I made him turn around and get it.

I didn't realize how gross it was until we got it home, it had duct tape on it, it had wood stuck in the holes,
it was rusting,it was just gross
So I left it in our sun room for awhile.
Then one day I was like "yeah, I should probably deal with this now".
{more like my husband said "hey you should probably do some of these projects now ;) whoops, love you honey!!}

Long story short, anything can be made pretty with a little elbow grease!!

I wanted to keep it pretty simple and neutral with my house because I had no idea what I wanted to do with it or where I even wanted to put it.

Luckily these were made out of some really nice wood, it doesn't look it, but this stool is heavy!

The best part about it? It swivels :)

Once I had this piece done I thought about selling it, but its missing it's back and the holes probably wouldn't be that appealing to others.

So I moved it around my house until I sat it at the end of our kitchen counters one day & it's been there ever since.

I never thought "hey we should put a bar stool there" but we actually get a lot of use out of this bar stool!
When I'm cooking my husband will just sit there and chop stuff up for me or, I use it for when I'm doing laundry as a place to set the clean clothes as I'm folding them, 
{or when I'm lazy and don't want to stand and fold laundry ;) haha lets be real here...}
Anyways, I can't picture not having this bar stool here now. It comes in a lot of handy && the best part is I got it for free and it wasn't too hard to fix up, nothing a little sanding, paint & stain can't fix :)

Have you ever gone trash picking?! It sounds a lot dirtier then it is, by no means do I suggest you go dumpster diving, but hey, just drive around and you might find something cool on the side of the road!
Try it out &  let me know if you find something cool ;)

Can't wait to share with you all a few little updates I've done to the kitchen tomorrow since I posted our D.I.Y. makeover last year!

Jordyn Luise