Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

This project was so easy you guys!!
Seriously, anyone can do it!
The best part?!?
it costs less than $20.

You can put one of these anywhere. 
I wanted something cool to put on my wall that went with the whole vintage-rusticy
 {I think I just created a new word?! ha}
 vibe we have going on in our house.

  • 2 pieces of 1 inch piece of pine wood {or whatever border thickness you choose, and depending on the size of your chalkboard you might need more or less}.
  • Nails or Staples.
  • Picture Hanging Wire & Screws {to make it so you can hang it off the wall}
  • A piece of super thin wood {I got mine in the same isle at Lowes as the pine wood}
  • Some stain {Dark Walnut by Rustoleum is what I used for this!}
  • Chalkboard Paint {I used Valspar's Brand}
  • && 2  paint brushes! {I use the cheap dollar ones for stain because I just end up throwing them away}
  • & a protective coat. {I use Polycrilic because it is water based and can easily be washed out of your brushes & doesn't yellow over time!}

How you do it:

  1. First things First, you need to cut the chalkboard to the size you want. Keep in mind that a border is going over it so make it a little bit bigger than you really want.
  2. Cut the pieces of pine wood to make a border around the wood.
  3. After that you nail the border together {not too the actual chalkboard}
  4. At this point we stained the wood & painted the chalkboard with 3 coats of Valspars Chalk Board Paint
  5. After that we then nailed the frame & chalkboard together.
  6. Once your chalkboard is complete just screw two screws that are level into the back of the board, leaving them a bit raised & wrap some picture wire around the two to make it easy to hang up!
& viola! You have a chalkboard :)

It is the perfect way to add a little character or fun to a room! We use ours to leave each other messages, for to do lists, reminders & groceries lists downstairs next to our kitchen by our dogs food bowl. I couldn't think of anything to hang about it that made sense or didn't look out of place next to the kitchen or dog food station so I thought it was the perfect fit.

I hope this was helpful!
If you end of making one link one up to my Facebook page!
I would love to see it :)
If you have any questions feel free to email me, comment below or send me a message on facebook!

Jordyn Luise