Thursday, February 7, 2013

Laundry Re-Vamp

Hey Everyone!
If you haven't noticed already I added a new page to the blog up at the top "Home Tour".
While it is currently under construction, I will be posting pictures && adding links up to my posts about our DIY Renovations// Rooms to that area!
For one of the first posts I thought I would link up our Laundry Room//Closet that I recently fixed up.
It cost me seriously nothing. Less than $80.
Ever since I got a Pinterest last year, {seriously addicting! add me here if you aren't already following me!}
I've been dreaming of redoing this little closet.
It sits right off of the kitchen & is in the hall way by our bathroom downstairs.
It was such an eye sore if the doors were open & I just hated looking at it so I felt it was time to make it less hideous & more functional and pretty.


It was just boring, an eye sore, & that wire shelf was slowly coming out of the wall.
I would just shut the door & forget about it.


In my opinion, I think its 120% better.
It just looks so crisp & clean to me.
Perfect for a little laundry closet.

Instead of trying to fix that wire shelf I just took it out & replaced it with a piece of pine wood that I stained & sealed. I screwed some brackets to it that I bought & spray painted in Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustoleum.
Which all together cost me about $20, most expensive part were the brackets, I already had the stain & sealer on hand.

When using the shelf I wanted to put a few things that were functional but also decorative since this part is visible throughout the whole downstairs I didn't want it to be such an eye sore when the doors were open.

Up on the top shelves I bought these two wire bins from Marshalls to store Laundry Goodies.
Extra dryer sheets, spot cleaner, woolite, ect.
Along with that we store our extra toilet paper & bleach up there as well.

I added a trash can so that I could throw the lint from the dryer away right there,
along with the trash can I bought a dish to put all the change & things that I find in our pockets as I do laundry.

Remember the D.I.Y. Laundry Soap Recipe I shared awhile back?
Ever since I made it I have never gone back to store bought, I LOVE it!

and of course the cutest tea light holder ever! I love burning a small "fresh linen" tea light in there, it makes it smell so good :)

& this little beauty I just had to put somewhere,
I had a big space left on the shelf so I thought this would be perfect for here.
My husband actually painted this for me, I had a picture of something similar to this as my background and we had a spare piece of canvas that he decided to surprise me with.

this is the view of the space from our dining room, this little part is right off of the kitchen and dining room and is right next to the guest bathroom.

Best part about it? I can just close it up once I'm all done using it if I don't feel like keeping it visible throughout the whole downstairs!

Not too shabby for a closet laundry room eh?

Rug - Marshalls {bought this forever ago but they always get these kind of rugs}
Wire baskets - Marshalls $12.99 each
Wall color - White Dove by Valspar in Satin
Shelf; Wood, Brackets, Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, Dark Walnut Stain & Polycrilic Clear Coat - Lowes {I had everything on hand except the wood & brackets which were about 25ish dollars.}
Tea Light Holder - Micheal's Craft Store $3.99
White box for dryer lints - Marshalls {it is actually the package a candle came in haha!}
Antique Dish - Marhsalls $9.99
Trash Can - Ross $6.99

Jordyn Luise