Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we have been up too: Dining Room

The day has finally come.
I've come to a conclusion, things will always be "in progress" at my house.
I'm just that kind of person.
Ideas are always going in my brain,
SO, I figured I should probably share what we have been up too lately.
My dad left town at the end of last month, yeah I know, he was here awhile! haha!
But his presence was highly appreciated.

We have gotten so much done in such a small amount of time,
I can't wait to reveal what we have done so far to our cute little home :)

I'll share with you all some photos of it now & some plans for what we want to do eventually.
So without further ado let the showing of our home begin!

Dining Room:

This table didn't always look like this.
Funny story about how this table came to be.
We had already bought a dining room table from Pier1 Imports when we moved in
but if you know me, I am ALWAYS on Craigslist & Lejeune Yard Sales. &
I stumbled across this beauty. I was in Washington at the time & had the Hubby go pick it up because I had to have it.
But once I got home from my trip I was pretty shocked to see that the table was yellow.....not white, yellow.
And not even a cute yellow, it was a mistake. & you could tell.
Someone put oil polyurethane over white paint and it was just hideous.
So then the project began.

Here is a shot of what the table & the dining room space looked like before.
I forgot to take better close ups but trust me. It was not that pretty close up.


Sigh, I loved those lamps. 
The hubby accidentally broke one so now one has found a new place in our home {the office}
I have to find new ones for the dining room once we get a new buffet table
{the table pictured is now our tv stand in the living room}


That chandelier was actually a lejeuneyardsales find,
before it was an off white color which had to be changed since my furniture is white not off white ;)
Initially I had been debating between two different lights at Lowes:


Can be found {here} && {here}

How much was my find? 15 dollars :) Including the can of spray paint.
Now don't get me wrong, I am still drooling over that Allen & Roth one.
I probably will change it & find a different home for my lejeuneyardsale find.
But 200 dollars seemed pretty steep for a house that isn't Mine & the Hubby's forever home.
But then I remind myself, I can always take it when we move ;)

 The Plan:

I love how much progress has been done since we bought our home, before it had dingy white ceilings, green & tan walls. Half of the downstairs was carpet and the other half was linoleum.
  • We opted to make the whole downstairs hardwood rather then section it off like it was with the two different floor choices so that it would feel more bigger and open. 
  • We chose a light color on the wall to brighten up the space since we are an inside unit and have no windows other than the one by the door & the window in our back door in the kitchen (opposite side of the room not pictured above ^)
So I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to in the dining room && what we plan to be up too soon ;). I will be back tomorrow with another "what we've been up too: Kitchen" version.
Have a  happy Tuesday!