Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dark Walnut Makeover

Recently I have had the pleasure with working with this amazing couple Ceci & Bruce.
They recently re did their kitchen & the last thing they needed to complete was their buffet table.
They went with an entire new look in their kitchen so the existing buffet tables light stain didn't match at all with their new Tobacco/Dark Walnut colored dining room table.


I love the clean lines to this table. It is so simple yet so perfect.  

At first we had discussed doing the whole buffet table stained.  

But later that became problematic so we came up with the idea to stain the top & paint the bottom. Which turned out adorable in my opinion :)  


I am so in love with how this little beauty turned out!!

I think this look will tie in more with what Ceci & Bruce had going on in the the kitchen.
The dark wood matches their new table & the white matches their kitchen.
Making it feel as if it has always belonged there :)

I put about 3 heavy coats of Polycrilic on the top of the stain to protect the stain & make it easier for clean ups.

Here is a close up of the wood color. I love how you get to see all the texture in the wood when you re stain a piece. This took me a few different coats to get it this dark. The wood was a pine when I sanded it down so it was really light and needed a few coats to get it to such a dark color.

Are you as much in love with this table as I am?! Because I realllllllly wanted to keep this haha.
Just think of all the added storage this would bring to a kitchen!

While I was there picking up their buffet table to re do it, Ceci showed me this lovely rocking chair that she has had for almost 20 years. It was the rocking chair she used to rock her baby to sleep every night :)
{I love hearing that furniture can have sentimental feelings & the stories behind them}

Before it was a almost a cherry color, it was kept in great shape. She just wanted to update it to match all the wood & to get rid of a few nicks here and there, along with putting a protective coat on it which it didn't have before.


I feel like I always say how much I love all of the furniture I get to redo....
But I really do love them all!
Especially this one.
This is like the perfect rocking chair. I love the clean lines to it, yet the little detailed curves it in, like the seat :)


All I did was sand the chair down & re stain it a darker color & add a protective coat to it.
It wasn't a huge change but it freshened it up :)

I loved how pretty this chair came out! 
I don't know why but the wood tones looked completely different and stood out more than they did before. 
It will fit in so perfect in it's home at Ceci & Bruce's!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of this gorgeous chair.

It is the perfect chair to just cuddle up in & relax!

So basically I was in love, yet again with my clients furniture.
But can you blame me?
They are simple timeless pieces that would look adorable in any home!