Monday, June 4, 2012

What we've been up too: Bathroom 2

So I went for it.
I actually chose a color.
Not grey, not white, no, Lavender!
I must say, I am sooo happy it isn't another grey room.
Although I actually had to convince my husband that we should do color not grey {ha! a man that has my <3} 
I love the light feel of grey but, the lavender has the same affect!
It was the perfect amount of color for the small space.
But I didn't want it to be too powerful so we balanced it with white.
What you say? "balanced with white?"
Instead of explaining I will just show you.

But wait!
It would be no fun having a reveal without Before pictures ;)
So here we go:


Did you have a heart attack after seeing that orange and oak wood?
No? Okay good.
{Gotta love those awkward pictures where you can see yourself.
Btw Hubby was clearrrrrrly amused. ;) }

If you are my friend on Facebook or any social media network I am on by now you probably know I am NO fan of two tone walls.
Well, I can handle it. In doses.
But not on every single wall of every single room in the ENTIRE house.

Is anyone else thinking Cream Sickle? 
I was SO ready to paint & demo that hideous oak mirror thing.
{by the way that wall that looks like it has a big white stripe is actually all white, whoops on my awesome photography skills}

So we did!

Buh-bye Orange.
You will not be missed.

So this is what I meant by "balancing with white".
What do you think of the faux wainscoting?!

I loveee a minimalistic look so I didn't want to clutter the walls with tons of color,
I found these awesome pictures at Ross for $12.99 each!

We added a new light fixture since the ugly wood cabinet before had integrated lighting.
Just like the one in our other bathroom upstairs.

I snatched up these adorable hand towels at Target on sale!

Just like in our other bathroom I opted to just paint the cabinet white and spray paint the existing pulls.
This Rug was also found at Ross. For a whopping $12.99 as well.

Remember this little guy? He has finally found a place in our house!
Those awesome shaped round sides have an opening at the top {the surface opens on either side}
and is the perfect size to store our toilet paper in there! neat huh?!

So what do you think?!
It is a huggggggge improvement from the room before!
I still have a few things I want to do {welcome to the lovely side of having an interior design obsession, itneverends Sorry Hubbs!}
like some wall art on the wall that I did not picture 
{by the sink/door}
&& I have a few touch ups to make on the mirror
and we need to install our new faucet!
But other than that we are about done with this room, for now. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend & your start to the week,
I for one am too excited for tomorrow
our air conditioning is FINALLY getting fixed after a month of a constant 80 -90 degree temp. in our house.
My poor Washington raised self has been depending on cold showers frequently during the day and a fan by me at all sides.

I have no Idea how people survive in heat like this without AC!
Not looking forward to the summer heat in the Carolina s that is for sure.

Also! Don't forget to spread the word about my lovely blog & Facebook page!
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Because lezzbereal everyone loves freebies!