Thursday, June 27, 2013

Warm Wood & White Night Stands;

You might remember awhile back when I shared our bedroom on the blog;

In that post I showed you all our bedroom night stands,
well I never showed you a before & after!
After living with them for awhile, I  decided to re paint them again {ha, not surprising right?!}
Actually, a lot of things have changed in our bedroom since that blog post which is why I haven't added it to my "home tour" page yet, so stay tuned for an update on that as well!

So back to the lovely night stands,
 I figured it was about time to share this little before & after with all of you!


the original finish had come off A LOT & was peeling, but look at the wood underneath! beaaaaaaaautiful.

They were in pretty rough shape, but they were solid wood so I was all about it.
They are made by Broyhill so that was a bonus as well!


After Living with the original "after" of my night stands, I thought it was a bit too much grey & I wasn't happy with how they looked, I've really been into the two toned look of wood & a neutral color lately.
I'm in loveee with staining the drawers on furniture & painting the rest, it makes it more unique and less "store bought" looking.

& those crystal knobs? swoon.

Unlike most of my furniture, I decided to go with a Semi-Gloss Finish on the Protective coat,

I'm pretty sure these were meant to be coffee tables, not night stands, but I love having the "bigger" table

I'm totally in love with these but I'm a bit on the fence for if I like this look for my room,
Don't get me wrong they are adorable!
I just think I want to head in a different furniture style direction,
what do you all think?!
I have a bad habit of changing my mind when it comes to the interior of our house haha!
Hope you all are having an amazing week, hooray for it almost being Friday though ;)!!


Jordyn Luise