Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Navy Blue Corner Desk

Recently I scored this awesome Corner Desk off Craigslist.
I've been keeping my eye out for something to fit in this odd corner of our house for a while now,
when I saw this it was basically love at first sight.
I knew right away what I wanted to do to it,
As always I can never keep my house looking the same, I recently decided to start overhauling all my furniture, my personal taste has changed a bit and I'm not into the shabby chic white pieces anymore.
So my first step of bring some color in was this little guy;



as you can see I had already taken the hardware off & filled up the holes with wood filler.

one of the reasons I got such a great deal on this piece was it was preeeeeetty beat up, definitely had some wear and tear but nothing a little sanding couldn't buff out ;)


I'm a huge fan of blues & greys.
Navy blue would hands down be one of my favorite interior design colors.
It's a neutral enough color but still gives a pop of color.

One of my favorite places to pick up cool knobs is World Market,
which is where I got this awesome brass & navy blue one.

I'm currently obsessed with this little desk & corner.
It fits perfectly and was just the look I was going for.

& the best part, no more scratches :)

I'm a sucker for some wood accent, I hate covering up beautiful wood on pieces so I always try to bring some part of it into my projects. 

Isn't it just so cute?!

So there you have it, the first start to my furniture overhaul.
What do you think of my color choice? Are you as much in love with this as I am?

Jordyn luise

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