Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hii!!! I feel like it's been forever since I posted something! {probably because it has sorry!}
I recently got back from a two month long trip to Washington, I was back home visiting family for awhile & before that my lap top broke :( So having to share the computer has limited me to when I can update & post but soon that'll all be changing!
But for now, I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of my photos from my trip for my first post back.
Hope you enjoy;

One of our first stops was Dick's Drive-In Restaurant. It's basically a crime to rob yourself of a dicks deluxe & a milk shake if you ever come to Seattle. It's the bees-knees. And WAY better than In & Out.

Next we stopped at Gasworks Park. One of our favorite places to go visit & walk around.

Everytime we've ever gone there has always been something going on, that night they had a Fire Poi Show going on.

After walking around Gasworks we decided to hit up the Great Ferris Wheel which we wasn't open when we were home last time. It was SO fun & not going to lie, a weeeee bit on the scary side.

{These next two images I took from Google so that you can see just how cool / / massive it is! I forget to get a good picture of the Ferris Wheel}

Picture from my phone before we went on the Ferris wheel.

Hubby & I one the Ferris Wheel

 The Ferris Wheel is located down on the board walk by the water in downtown. They also have games & a carousal inside a building on the boardwalk. It's really pretty at night time with all the lights. We love Seattle because we are night people & there is ALWAYS something going on.

Mukilteo Beach;


Mukilteo Beach Light house & Ferry

Rose Hill Community Center in Mukilteo WA.
This is actually where My Husband & I got married :)
It looks out onto the waterfront of Mukilteo Beach,

& this is a really cool old bus stop right next to my grandparents old house.
Which I forgot to get a picture of :(
My grandfather was a fire fighter & it was awesome to see that the new owners kept his fire hydrant fence that he had put up. If you live and Mukilteo & have driven on this road then you know what house I'm talking about across from Howarth Park.

& I don't know why but I've always loved this building right off the tressel by Everett & Snohomish.

& last but not least I here are a few pictures on the way up to visit my Father in Law in Sedro Wooley with my husband;

Jordyn Luise