Monday, June 24, 2013

What jute know about jute;

^ You see what I did there? I'm pretty cool I know ;) or just super nerdy
I've been dying to do this little D I Y ever since I saw a picture on Pinterest a while back.
I fooled myself into thinking that this light we bought from Lowes would be fine as is in our home,
 it was such a good deal & our light before was this hideously outdated fan with gold accents all over it so it just had to go. I've always know this wouldn't be our forever house so I try not to be very picky when a good deal comes up & we can update the house at the same time but with me being me I just couldn't look at this lamp shade anymore.
It was slightly the right color, but slightly not. But what bugged me the most about it was they didn't even carry the fabric of the shade into the inside, which its a huge drum shade so you can see the inside quite clearly. Its a yellowy beige & the inside was bright white.
Sooooooo, I dreamt {thats a word right?} up this beautiful image of wrapping it in Jute in my head. 
We have a ton of jute rugs throughout our house, so it would jive way so much better & add a little texture to the space, which is never a bad thing in my book ;) .
I just waited a few months before asking the Hubs to take down the light he was so proud of putting up in the first place {loooooooooooove you honey!}


I'm willing to accept that the before really isn't that bad & that I totally made it sound way worse then it really was, but guys, it REALLY bugged me how it didn't match like anything at all in my house.

It also really peeved me that you could see the seams & the plain white inside of the lamp shade so it needed something.

So here's some step by step pictures I took of the process while doing this.
{p.s. if you decide to ever do this to something, make sure you've got a movie on or a DVR full of shows to watch because it takes FOREVER}

I kind of jumped the gun & started but then realized I should show how I did this;
but it was actually super easy. All you need is a few rolls of jute. It took me about 3 & 1/2, which can be bought at Lowes or Walmart. They are about 2-2.50 a roll, so fairly cheap for such a big difference.

All I did was take the roll & start wrapping it around the shade, the first line I tied a small knot at the top & just kept going, that way it held it in place.

This was after about 45 minutes of doing this, and I thought my fingers were going pretty fast once I got the hang of it. I wills say though that the lamp shade itself is a bit more yellowy in person, I couldn't get a good picture of the coloring on my camera,

So basically you just keep wrapping, & tying once you get to the end of a roll or start a new roll, try to make the knots as small as possible, that way you can't notice them.


I feel like the darker color goes much better with the ascetic in my house,
& the fact that I have a lot more jute accents than that yellow beige color that I had none of.

My favorite part about this is that it is all the same the same color//texture, no more two toned light.
{which if you've read my blog for awhile you know I am not a fan of two tone that much ha!}

As far as light goes, I haven't noticed much of a difference in the light it gives off with it being more darker of a color & a heavier fabric//texture, if anything I think it makes it a bit better because the light really poured out of it before.

So there you have it, my D I Y Jute Wrapped Light!
What do you guys think? Do you like the look of it?
I know the hubs & I are diggin' it.
The look he gave me when I first told him what I was going to do & the look he gave me after it was done was priceless. He think's it's pretty rad. ;)
Until next time;

Jordyn Luise

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