Monday, August 5, 2013

Reasons for my lack of posting;

Our house is currently getting a much needed "face lift"
to put it lightly.

If only I could tell my past self everything I have learned the past two years of being a first time home owner.
Buying an older home is WAY more upkeep,
and with mine & my husbands luck
{luck of the irish? haaaaaa! that's a joke}
we've had to replace our entire heating & ac unit system,

{was 15 years old & completely outdated, went out in the first few months of us living here,
Washington girl stuck in a house with no AC at the end of july in the NC summer heat, indoor temperature meter tapped out at 95 degrees + for a week, no thank you}

& then one morning we woke up to this beauty after a huge wind & rain storm;
sorry for the cell phone quality.

god only knows what could have happened had that been a hurricane or something.

& here is it currently as it is getting fixed;

so there you have it,
it's a two story process.

& you want to know the icing on the cake?
it's all because it wasn't flashed.
flashing is like $2 a piece.
this bill? No where near $2.

So far we are about half way into the fix,
we've had to replace our front door & upstairs sliding glass door in this process as well.

Here's to hoping nothing else goes majorly wrong with our house before we move in the next year.
Because our inspection didn't help us at all :'(
First time home owners be warned!

- J