Friday, July 5, 2013

Thrift Shop Art

I'm not one for "normal" wall art.
I love mixing new & old, and I'm a huge fan of putting eclectic wall art up.
I don't like just using picture frames everywhere, or big wall art pieces everywhere.
I want it to be different and original.
{just my personal taste}
One of my Hubby's favorite parts in a thrift shop is the book & music section.
So while out thrifting awhile back I stumbled upon this huge box of old records that were .20 cents a piece!
I was more drawn to the more vintage looking records & a more muted color palette.
After getting them home I couldn't decide where would be a perfect place for them, until recently!

Upon the various moving of furniture I partake in in this house, I moved this cute little side table into our upstairs hall way, it was looking a bit bare with just the candles & candle holder so I thought my records would be a perfect mix!

I love the different colors, & not all the records are the same//have anything in common but they all look like they belong together.

This small hall way went from a boring pass through to a cute little nook in the house.
I love the eclectic mix of everything.

 Eventually I want to add more & have a bigger grouping of them but I thought this was a nice start!
Considering it only cost me $1.00 I'd say I hit the jack pot with this one.

& it's quite pretty at nighttime :)
So are you a fan of my thrift store wall art?!