Monday, March 31, 2014

Grey Washed Beauty

It is totally normal to fall in love with furniture ya?
okaaaaay fine maybe not. don't judge me!

Lately I have been pretty obsessed with the look of flat black & driftwood like stain.
I actually hadtohave more like begged my husband to let me get a *new to me* old bedroom set that was for sale before we moved. Once I got it home it just spoke to me & said "hey! I want to be painted black!" 
because whose furniture doesn't speak to them.......?
 There was some trial and error, walnut stain just didn't look right with the black, or it wasn't the look I was going for. & that's when I came up with this lovely color combo.

Anyways, back to the main focus here
 I picked this lovely buffet recently and I knew it was the perfect piece to refinish in my favorite new color scheme.

The before picture just doesn't do this piece justice. It was in pretty bad shape before I got my hands on it.
It probably would have been lovely restained but I had bigger plans for it.
In person this beauty is gorgeous! It had my parents wanting to redo their entry haha. oops.

I love the details of this piece. 
If I had a place for this, I would totally keep it! This has to be my second favorite flip to date.

I love the look of the two different knobs.

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~ J