Friday, March 15, 2013

February 2013 Birchbox

I know I'm a bit late here, but without further ado:
It's my favorite time of the month again!
In case you have no clue what Birchbox is, check out my post on what it is & how to sign up {here}.
I was pleasantly surprised by this months Birchbox.

This months theme was "red carpet ready" , I can never get over how cute the packaging is when I receive my Birchbox!

What you don't see pictured is my ghiridelli chocolate bar that came with my birchbox....I couldn't help myself haha.

What I got this month:

I loved this color! It wasn't something I would normally pick out for myself but it was a fun bright color!
I actually really hated the smell of this, it sadly went straight to my trash can... I thought it smelled like a flower// an old musky smell. I just was not a fan, but I looked it up on Birchbox & they have another scent, Rosemary & Verbena, which would be RIGHT up my ally. I love anything with rosemary & verbena. Wish I would have gotten that one!
So funny story, my husband LOVES to open my birchboxs' with me, we were opening everything up & he goes "uh... Birchbox sent you nipple cream?" I was like "WHAT!?" then looked at it, & we both started giggling like little school girls, Apparently, this stuff is like the shiznit, it was once used as nipple cream for new mothers but people started using it on their lips and it worked really well for chapped lips {my little card from Birchbox told me that ;) }. Birchbox was reading my mind again & new I had chapped lips from all the crazy up & down weather we are having in lovely ol' Jvegas NC. {Jacksonville} & it noticeably helped by the next morning. I will so re-purchase this. Its more of a think lip balm, not an everyday chap-stick in my opinion, just for when it is needed.

I love Twistband! I was so happy to see they came out with headbands after receiving the hair tie in one of my other birchboxes. In case you are completely clueless to twistband products, they are the new take on hair ties//headbands, they don't give you indents in your hair after you take them out & are much more stylish. They come in so many colors & prints as well! They are more pricey though, a pack of 4 for $19 but they are worth it!

If you have never tried them, get them. Enough Said.

If you don't have a Birch Box yet sign up for one {here}. If you already have one I would love to see what you got this month! Leave a comment below!


Jordyn Luise