Monday, September 26, 2011

Embracing the Change

Hi everyone!
I thought i'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm Jordyn Pruitt. I'm a Seattle girl, born and raised in the rainy state of Washington. I love interior design and fashion. My husband is a Marine, we got married June 24th of this year.We just moved to the great sweet tea sippin' state of North Carolina, a complete culture shock coming from west coast to the south but we are embracing the change. A few things you should know are; I love coffee, it pretty much runs through my veins, I love old buildings and taking pictures of run down things that people usually pass by without fully embracing its beauty, and I love the cold and all the clothes that come with it. I'm really into old, vintage furniture, shabby chic design, and re purposed objects. I love coming up with new ways to arrange things.  This blog has multiple purposes, on one hand it's my way of keeping up with everyone I left behind in Washington and a way for my new friends to get to know me yet I also want to share my passions for photography, fashion and interior design. My hopes for this blog are to highlight everything I love and connect with new and old friends. I hope you enjoy reading and following!

Have a nice day everyone!
xoxo Jordyn